Ed Sheeran Wants To Set Up The World’s Most Adorable Peace Treaty Between One Direction And The Wanted

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Ed Sheeran RED Tour August 10 2013 Chicago

In case you need another reminder of why we American girls find British guys so charming, I present this story about British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran offering to set up a British peace deal between British boy bands One Direction and The Wanted, who have been involved in a British feud — on and off British Twitter — for quite some British time now. Can't we all come to a nonviolent British agreement that there's room for two adorable British boy bands in the world? Also, British.

Tom Parker of The Wanted told The Sun that Ed is friends with both groups so he's in a great position to play peacemaker. He's also obviously a great peacemaker because he's a redhead. As a redhead myself, I know that no one is better at mediating arguments than us. (I'm lying, I know no such thing.)

“He said the whole thing is stupid and wants us to get over it because he's close to both groups. I think if we sat down and got drunk together then we would probably all get on.”

Ed apparently made the suggestion during a recent visit to The Wanted's tour bus where they “drank the night away.” So I see they're already practicing for their inevitable peace treaty. Let's just make sure everyone is of age in the country where this truce takes place (probably Switzerland) and that no one ends up peeing in mop buckets.

Tom even took the first step in making up by saying he regrets suggesting that One Direction's Louis Tomlinson might be gay on Twitter — something his bandmate Max George reiterated on live television.

“I regret saying that. I was a bit p***ed off with myself but it was a heat-of-the-moment thing.”

Can't you just imagine these lads sitting down to a pleasant conversation over a few pints, Ed Sheeran in the middle with a band on either side of him, talking out their feelings and then spending a few minutes comparing tattoos? And then maybe getting a guitar out and singing a few bars of “Kumbaya” mashed up with “God Save the Queen”? It'll be televised on fifteen different networks in the United States. And we'll all get up super early to watch it like we did for the Royal Wedding. And the world will be comforted by the dulcet tones of British boys getting along. Amen.

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