16 Relatable AF Ed Sheeran Lyrics That Literally Speak to Our Souls

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It’s been over three months since Ed Sheeran released his latest album, “Divide,” and I’ve still got it on a constant loop to this day. But honestly, can you blame me? He's a lyrical genius who can yank at your heartstrings in one moment and make you feel like you're walking on sunshine the next. And of course, it doesn't hurt that his songs are catchy AF.

These days, it seems like we're bombarded with a lot of addictive songs that don't have much meaning. Sure, “Swalla” by Jason Derulo is a banger — but WTF does it even mean? Ed, on the other hand, just has a knack for writing raw and relatable lyrics (i.e. “Thinking Out Loud,” “Lego House,” “Castle on the Hill,” need I go on?) that can resonate with literally anyone with a soul. With each album release, it honestly seems like he's raising the bar. I mean, it's no wonder why he's written songs for other musical greats like “Everything Has Changed” by Taylor Swift and even Justin Bieber‘s “Love Yourself”!

That said, it looks like the red-headed guy has saved some of his most powerful songs for himself. Keep reading to see 16 Ed Sheeran lyrics that literally give us ALL the ~feelz~.

1. “I chased the picture perfect life, I think they painted it wrong,” from “Eraser”


Whether it's the perfect career or the perfect relationship, we all have our moments where we chase after certain things because we expect them to be perfect, and yet, they seem to fall short. But what I love most about this particular lyric is that it holds a double meaning. What we think is the picture perfect life isn't always what it seems. Perhaps we're much better off when things are a bit messy, unpredictable and, well, imperfect.