Nothing Like Ed Sheeran Dressed As Little Orphan Annie To Wake You Up In The Morning

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Ed Sheeran Annie Jimmy Kimmel August 2014

Good morning! Have you had a cup of coffee yet? Perhaps you'd like to stir in some Ed Sheeran in a dress with your cream and sugar. What a coincidence that there's now a video of exactly that, thanks to last night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. And Ed wasn't just in any old dress. He was in Little Orphan Annie's dress. Because obviously. Haven't you seen the color of his hair?

The explanation behind this outfit (as if you even need one) is that, as Jimmy explains, Allison Williams has been cast to play Peter Pan in NBC's upcoming live production of the musical. But you already know that, because Twitter yelled its opinions about it at you. Jimmy decided to announce another genderbent version of a classic musical (never mind the fact that Peter Pan has been played by a woman for years, it doesn't matter). The actor playing Little Orphan Annie is of course Ed Sheeran in a dress. A dress that shows off not only his fabulous legs but also his arm tattoos.

You might be wondering, “Did Jimmy Kimmel call Ed Sheeran and ask him to come on the show just so he could walk out for 30 seconds in a dress dragging a fake dog by a leash and then awkwardly sing ‘Tomorrow' before wandering off in embarrassment?” The answer to that question is no. Ed Sheeran was on the show anyway to perform. So if anything Jimmy was actually inspired by Ed and his gingerness. Or perhaps he's been planning this skit since the Allison Williams news was announced, but he was just waiting for a redheaded man to be a guest on the show. Am I overanalyzing this? Absolutely. Please just watch and then give Ed a mental high five for being a good sport.