Stop What You’re Doing And Watch Ed Sheeran And Lance Bass Act Out The Notebook

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Ed Sheeran Lance Bass The Notebook

Picture this: Ed SheeranLance Bass and the script from The Notebook. No, I'm not describing a naughty Mad Libs game or a deleted scene from Fifty One Shades of Grey. I'm talking about the Miami Y100 video that's destined to ruin lazy Saturday afternoon Notebook viewings fo the rest of eternity. It's completely random and it's wildly unnecessary and it therefore will be an internet sensation. It stars Ed Sheeran and Lance Bass acting out one of The Notebook's most romantic scenes. Not the one where they turn into birds, but the one where they lay out their  biggest problems with each other and pretend like they're discussing an emotionally healthy relationship. You know the scene I'm talking about.

Noah: Allie, I love you but I also hate you.

Allie whimpers.

Noah: If you choose me, I will cherish you. And also dream of killing you because goddamit you annoy me. You're too rich. I found gold in your petticoat just the other day.

Allie whimpers.

Noah: It's not going to be easy. Heck, it's going to be hard. Very hard. An unnecessary amount of hard. I mean you're engaged and I'm poor and now that I'm saying this aloud, it's possible — and stay with me here — that it was just a summer fling and we're not meant to be.

I see you nodding your head over there. We're on the same page now, right in the same scene. Right alongside Ed Sheeran and Lance Bass as they run through these lines. It's such a completely stupid idea that it borders on brilliant. Why not throw a rom-com script to an up-and-coming kid who can play guitar and a former boy bander who wakes up most days and has to ask his assistant if he actually made On The Line or if was a dream he had. (And by assistant, I mean Google, times are tough, even for men who used to frost their tips.) So sit back, relax and watch some real movie magic get made. Oh and don't be surprised if you develop a little crushy-crush on Ed as he starts spitting out lines like they're lyrics.