Ed Sheeran Is Cheating On Taylor Swift With Justin Bieber, What A Jerk

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Ed Sheeran Is Cheating on Taylor Swift With Justin Bieber  What a Jerk Justin Bieber Ed Sheeran Jumpers for Goal Posts world premiere October 2015 jpg

Last night was the world premiere of Ed Sheeran’s first concert film Jumpers for Goalposts. There was a green carpet in London’s Leicester Square to mark the occasion, and one of the guests in attendance was none other than Justin Bieber. Not only was he there, but he and Ed also got pretty buddy buddy for the photographers, laughing and putting their arms around each other and OH MY GOD HOW COULD ED DO THIS TO TAYLOR SWIFT?

In case you’re unaware, Ed is one of Taylor Swift’s approximately 500,000 best friends. He’s a pretty important one, too. I don’t think Taylor would give a needlepoint with Drake lyrics to just anybody. In case you’re once again unaware (in which case you need really need to do a better job of keeping up with the important stuff going on in the world), Taylor is not the biggest fan of Justin Bieber. You can find proof of that in the disgusted face she made over her other BFF Selena Gomez kissing him backstage at the Billboard Music Awards a couple of years ago, and also in the fact that, well, you haven’t seen Justin brought out as a very special guest on the 1989 tour, have you?

To make matters even worse, Hollywood Life reminds us that Justin and Ed have been friendly for a while now, all thanks to Scooter Braun (if you needed any more evidence that he’s responsible for all the evil in the world). Ed even wrote a song for Justin’s upcoming album Purpose, and last year he defended Bieber against the haters, saying his douchey behavior is all our fault for paying too much attention to him. ET TU, ED SHEERAN?!

I just can’t believe he would betray Taylor this way. She let him be the third wheel/possible brother husband on her date with Calvin Harris, for crying out loud! It’s gonna take a lot of cookies baked with tears to get over this, I’m sure.

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