Ed Sheeran Spent Thanksgiving With Jennifer Aniston, Here’s 6 More Celeb Friendships We’d Like To See

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Over holiday weekends, celebrities like to go into hiding which means we get no is-it-a-baby-bump-or-isn't-it red carpet moments, no secret marriages revealed, not even an update on Justin Bieber‘s Year Of Cray. But celebs do still show their faces on Instagram which is how we got this pic of surprising BFFs Jennifer Aniston and Ed Sheeran. The photo was posted by Jennifer's manager, Aleen Keshishian, who added #HappyThanksgiving just so we could be absolutely sure what day it was. But why? Why do they know each other? And why were they together on HashtagThanksgiving? Well, they became friends through Courteney Cox because Ed Sheeran lives in her beach house. So… yeah… That just brings up even more questions. Why does he know Courteney? Why does Courteney spell her name that way? Why does he live in her beach house? But ya know what? Ain't nobody got time for that. Instead, let's take a look at six more equally strange celeb friendships that we really wish would pop up on Instagram.

1. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, James Franco, and Seth Rogan

seth rogan james franco bound 3 gif


We already know Kimye appreciated James and Seth's Bound 2 parody, so I think they should all start getting together for lunch dates. I picture Seth bringing a down-to-earthness to Kim the likes of which we've never seen while James and Kanye talk for hours about what it means to be a genius in today's society

2. Oprah and Chris Brown

The kid needs some help and no one can get to the heart of an issue like Oprah. She'd be a therapist of sorts for Chris and would reward his good behavior with a gift from her Favorite Things list.

3. Taylor Swift and North West

Taylor Swift likes having celeb friends and she likes having friends younger than herself. North West is the answer. Don't tell me that if you saw a picture of Taylor Swift with North West you wouldn't pee your pants. You would. Even the internet would say, “I've seen enough. I give up.”

4. Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus

miley cyrus tongue jersey


Kristen Stewart's always seemed a little… how do I put this… uptight. And Miley is obviously quite the opposite and down for anything. Kristen is a sidekick in this situation. Suddenly whenever you see Miley, there's Kristen Stewart following her around in an equally questionable crop top and practicing her own wacky tongue poses.

5. Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence

Both were in huge movies based on fantasy books. Both seem like chill, normal ladies. Unlike some of these other potential pairings, they wouldn't need to mentor each other. They could just do normal things like shop and compare their psychotic fan bases.

6. Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber

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All I can really say about this one is, go big or go home. These two would surely cause a ruckus. Also, I see them in matching bellhop outfits.