Ed Sheeran Is The Latest Member Of The Celebrity ‘Oops, I Fell Over’ Club

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Ed Sheeran The Grove February 7th 2013

It looks like the exclusive club devoted to celebrities who wipe out at public events just got a new member. Ginger Jesus Ed Sheeran took a tumble at a recent concert in Omaha, NE. While opening for Taylor Swift's Red Tour, Ed chose to leap from speaker to speaker at the front of the stage as if he were frolicking between stones to cross a rippling river. It didn't end well.

One second he was standing tall, king of the world, if you will. But it looks like Taylor Swift didn't show up to properly complete the Titanic reference. Rumor has it (and by rumor I mean I just imagined it) they had an argument before he went out about who would play whose part. Taylor thought they should decide by hair color, and Ed's redheadedness dictated he be Rose. I guess they didn't see eye to eye.

Then Ed bravely chose to leap to another speaker. But the speaker betrayed him, and he took what looks like a pretty bad tumble onto the stage. Are you okay, Ed? I hope you're okay. I'll assume you're okay since you didn't share a shirtless Instagram portrait from the hospital afterward. That's what happens when it's serious, right? Watch it all play out in the video below, starting at about 1:40. And then prepare to be horrified when the video abruptly ends.

I can't be the only one who adheres to the conspiracy theory that all the celebrities have decided to gradually assemble a club devoted to falling over in front of a huge crowd. Jennifer Lawrence made tripping glamorous when she fell on the stairs on her way to accepting her Oscar. Harry Styles was taken down by a rogue shoe at a concert. And Justin Bieber recently collapsed at a London concert, prompting him to recover with Janis Joplin and shirtlessness.

What I want to know is: How do I get in this club? Do I have to be a celebrity? What constitutes celebrity? Because I fall over a lot. Sidewalks, hallways, stairs, roller rinks, rocking chairs, non-rocking chairs, out of bed, you name it. So what will it take for me to be in this group? Do I have to have fallen over onstage? How famous do I have to be? One time I got my photograph on a bulletin board at my orthodontist's office. Does that count?

Let's do lunch and figure out how to make this happen, Hollywood.

(Photo: Michael Wright/WENN.com)