5 Facts About Ed Sheeran, AKA Ginger Jesus

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Via Tumblr

Ed Sheeran? Ed Sheeran? Where have I heard that name before?” Is what you’re  thinking? If you have a Tumblr you've probably seen the countless pages dedicated to the “Ginger Jesus” as his fans so blasphemously call him (a nickname which he hates btw. Sorry Ed). No Tumblr? Alright well maybe you remember that he was one of the 10 Unknown Grammy Nominees that we felt you needed to know. That was just a light introduction, however. There is so much more to learn about Ed, besides the fact that he’s single handedly redeeming the British ginger reputation by not getting photographed naked in Vegas and doing cocaine (ahem Prince Harry.) So let’s start simple.

Here are five of the most fascinating things about Ed Sheeran

1. In 2009 he played 312 gigs . Which is like a lot. I mean, I’m no math major or anything but that’s almost 1 gig a day. I’m guessing he probably took off his birthday and major holidays like Christmas and Boxing Day (it’s a real holiday in the UK. Look it up!) But that's still most of the year. He was determined to not only get his name out there but also wanted to beat James Morrison’s record of 200 gigs in one year. So I’d say you succeeded, Eddy, because who’s heard of James Morrison?

2. He raps too! I know you weren't expecting this one, but Ed Sheeran is actually a pretty decent rapper. He names Eminem as his favorite rapper and when he was trying to get signed he had trouble at first because he was a “Ginger kid who raps and plays the guitar.” Which is really hard to market according to the record labels that know nothing about good music. But guys, he’s good! Watch his (drunken?) freestyle:

3. His video for the Grammy nominated song “The A Team” only cost about $32 to make. That’s pretty damn cheap right? But let’s really put this in perspective. Rebecca Black’s “Friday” video reportedly cost $2,000 to make.  Probably because of all the fancy special effects. But it’s pretty obvious whose video ANYONE in their right mind would rather watch.

4. He has nude photos out there. But no, not like Prince Harry’s  scandalous nude photos, more like he posed for an AIDS charity nude. Elton John asked him to do a shoot for his charity Love Is In My Blood, and since no one can say no to Elton, Ed got a personal trainer, stopped drinking and stripped down. Apparently even Elton John is an Ed Sheeran fan, which is also how they ended up doing that AH-MAY-ZING duet at the Grammy’s.

Here it is In case you missed it. Thank me later.

5. He has a tattoo that simply says “RED”. A tattoo that started rumors that he was next on Taylor Swift’s list. (You know which list). But thankfully, they’re just friends. He is the opening act on her Red tour and he got the tattoo because going on the tour with her is such a huge opportunity that he wanted it to be part of him forever and ever.

This is just the tip of the iceberg since it's pretty clear that Ed Sheeran's just getting started. At twenty-two years old he has England’s heart and he’s on a mission to take over America's this year. You’ll be hearing his name a lot more in 2013. Totally fine with me because we need more authentic, humble and truly talented artist like Ed Sheeran.