Ed Sheeran Casually Talks About Eating Pizza With Beyonce And Jay-Z Like It’s Totes Normal

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Ed Sheeran Casually Talks About Eating Pizza With Beyonce And Jay Z Like It s Totes Normal Ed Sheeran Jimmy Fallon June 2015 jpg

Ed Sheeran was on The Tonight Show last night, and he and Jimmy Fallon discussed his current X Tour. Ed recently performed at the Barclays Center, and Jay-Z and Beyonce showed up. Ed doesn’t talk about what it was like to have Jay and Bey in the audience of his concert, and whether it was more or less nerve-wracking than having your entire family watching your 1st grade holiday recital. I was really hoping I could get some sort of scale of comparison from him, but instead he just went ahead and talked about hanging out with them at his friend’s dive bar and eating pizza. Totes normal.

Sometimes I wonder, if I were a celebrity, how long it would take me to get used to meeting (and even befriending or dating) other famous people on a regular basis. Like, how quickly would I stop going around to everyone I know (and a lot of people I don’t know) screeching about how I spotted That Guy From That Thing Whose Name I Can’t Remember But He’s Totally Famous at the grocery store and start going around being nonchalant about eating pizza with Beyonce and Jay-Z? When does that transition occur?

To be fair, Ed isn’t totally jaded yet. He’s still got a tiny bit of the “OMGOMGOMG THEY’RE FAMOUS!” in him, it’s just that he doesn’t go around shouting “OMGOMGOMG THEY’RE FAMOUS!” Instead he calmly explains that it was a little starstruck to be eating pizza across from people whose music he’d listened to growing up. But he’s starstruck in the typical famous person way, and by that I mean he actually has some chill about it. That’s probably the best place to be on the starstruck spectrum, although I’m not sure I would ever get to that point myself. Being at the Oscars would most likely kill me.