15 Ed Sheeran Songs That Are Better Than ‘The A Team’

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Down To Earth Ed


Ed Sheeran‘s new album just dropped this week. And honestly, I don't know which is more delectable: The 16 new songs he's come out with or that little pile of red fluff resting on his cherub head. Just so you know, I can attest right away that this album sounds 10 times better than scarring your back on “piano-diamonds” whilst doing the deed for the very first time.

Every time I listen to one of Ed's songs, this overwhelming feeling of relief washes over me. Because at least I know someone out there has a sadder love life than I do, which is more or less a reason for us start dating, like yesterday. But then again, I'm like, Jeez! it must be god-awful to be so rich, and cuddly-looking and Taylor Swift‘s platonic plus one-slash-caretaker all of the time! Incredibly though, Ed can come to his own rescue with simply a guitar and that lovelorn voice of his, and here are 15 of songs by him to prove just that:

1. Autumn Leaves

Such a beautiful tribute to a fallen friend. Couldn't have written a better ode than this, Ed!

2. Small Bump

This song is so precious it'll make you want to be a baby all over again.

3. Shirtsleeves

Why is he still single?!

4. Photograph

You can tell this one was in some way influenced by Taylor but just a lot more lovable.

5. Bloodstream

Absolutely love the opening rhythm and the angle he's taken with this one. My only question: Is he romanticizing drug use? I'm confused. Sheerios out there, give me a sign!

6. Don't

Is this one about Ellie Goulding?! Because I'm still unconvinced that they were ever in a real, functioning relationship to begin with.

7. Lego House

Forever my favourite song. For having such a childlike name, it's pretty mature and has the perfect amount of nostalgia.

8. I See Fire

Can you believe he wrote this beautifully-fitting tune for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug? That's it. He's writing the soundtrack to my life.

9. You Need Me I Don't Need You

Did you know there was a “Ginger-Rastafarian” section in the original version? You'll probably go ginger just listening to it.

10. Afire Love

Another eulogistic testimony, and this time to his grandfather. So sad yet so golden.

11. Give Me Love

Love this song so much more after watching the video a hundred more times!

12. Take It Back

Don't let him fool you, guys. ED IS A RAPPER! And a pretty damn good one apparently.

13. I'm A Mess

Can we start a slow clap for that fast-clapping chorus? LOVE!

14. Kiss Me

I think I've found my wedding song, you guys.

15. Drunk

I want to be sober when I wake up on the right side of Bradley Cooper‘s bed, with the reasonable hand on his bubbly-ass. Okay I'm done.

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