You Should Look At Ed Helms’ Graduation Photo, Then Listen To The Story That Goes With It

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Ed Helms Jimmy Kimmel May 2013

It's graduation season, my friends. Whether you're a graduate or the loved one of a graduate or you were a graduate once or you saw a graduation once in a movie, I think we can all agree this is a special time that's best celebrated by looking at celebrities' embarrassing graduation photos. Because there's nothing like seeing stars before they were famous and realizing they had questionable hairdos, too. It really is the circle of life. Or something. So it's perfect that Hangover 3 star Ed Helms chose to visit Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and share a very interesting photograph from his own college graduation. But then he makes it even better by telling a weird but amazing story to go with it.

The graduation talk started because Ed is giving the commencement speech for Knox College. Side note, what do you have to do to get a funny celebrity to speak at your graduation instead of a rambling local politician? In case I ever invent a time machine to take me back to before my college graduation, I'll need to know the secret. But back to Ed. He attended Oberlin College (yes, yes, where Lena Dunham went), and when he graduated he was sporting a look all his own. Well, it wasn't actually all his own, since it was pretty much exactly the same look as his mother, as Ed is the first to admit. Of course Jimmy points out that the beard was an important distinguishing feature.

You might be thinking, that's hilarious and relatable and fun, and there's nothing more to say about it. But oh no. You would be wrong, because Ed manages to make the photo even more hilarious and embarrassing by telling a weird story to go with it. It involves working on an art project in the wood shop (as you do) and getting into a hair-related mishap with a power tool. Ah, college.

I think there needs to be a comprehensive celebrity yearbook we as normal people can buy to examine famous peoples' school photos and feel better about ourselves. We too can rise to stardom after a freak hair accident. And I'm sure that's what Ed will talk about in his commencement speech. How much more inspiring can you get?