Dylan Sprouse’s Ex Leaks Nude Photos Of Him, Ending Your Childhood Once And For All

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Dylan Sprouse Naked Photo Penis Bathroom
While you spent last night dreaming of sugarplum fairies and what Santa will bring you for Christmas this year, Dylan Sprouse's ex-girlfriend leaked naked photos leaked of him onto the internet. One second you have innocence on your side and the next second you're starring at a photo of the kid from Big Daddy holding his penis in his hand. Life is funny like that.

And yes, we've seen Dylan Sprouse since his Big Daddy days. And yes, we've kept up with his whereabouts like the celebrity stalkers that we are — but I think we all still pictured that precious child pleading for the kangaroo song when we heard his name. Well, no more! Your childhood officially ended the second you clicked on this article. Goodbye youth and hello adulthood. If Dylan Sprouse is old enough to have naked photo leaks then you must be at least 45. Give or take a few decades.

On the upside, Dylan's handling this like a champ. He came out on Twitter right away to say that it was him and he's not going to deny it. Do I smell a possible publicity stunt? Yes. Did his brother troll the Internet last year with his tumblr? Yes. But let's pretend like everything's on the up and up this morning and these are real photos and this is a real reaction to them.


And if we continue believing that these photos truly did leak then we can applaud Cole Sprouse for his reaction to the photos. In addition, we can also throw in an awwwww for that outpouring of brotherly love.

So there you have it folks — a scandal, a confession and a joke about the scandal all before you finished your breakfast. What more can you ask for on a Monday morning?

(Photo: ONTD)