Dylan Sprouse Calls Joe Jonas A ‘Bad Artist’, And I’ma Need A Couch And Some Popcorn

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Dylan Sprouse waving GIFWanna know how I know Joe Jonas is about to get schooled? Because his long, rambling interview with New York Magazine that was published yesterday just caught the attention of Dylan Sprouse and he has a response of his own.

Let me say first of all that I pity the fool who tangles with the Sprouse Twins. Even though they're only twenty-one years old, they have it together to a degree that should be intimidating to most adults, if they know what's good for them. Not only did these dudes make it through a famous childhood with no rehab stays, drug addictions, or DUIs, they also managed to stay in control of their careers, keep a solid relationship with their fans and each other while still maintaining independent personalities, and are both currently in school at New York University and Dylan works for a living even though they're millionaires and set for life.They just seem to have their priorities in order on every level and I can't stop won't stop being obsessed with them.

Which is in pretty much direct opposition to how I feel about Joe, who spent an entire NY Mag article rambling on about his complaints against everyone from Demi Lovato to Disney to life in general for handing him a bum deal. But you know who won't stand for that? Dylan Sprouse. Especially because as a former Disney kid himself, he has a very informed perspective on exactly how things go down in that franchise, and he doesn't take kindly to Joe whining about the things that happened without taking responsibility for any power he might have had to change them.

Get ready for a throw-down.

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