Here’s What We Learned During Our Live Chat With Actor Dylan Sprayberry

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YestDylan Sprayberryerday we held a live Facebook interview with the up-and-coming actor Dylan Sprayberry, who plays Young Clark in this summer’s soon to be released blockbuster, Man of Steel! He seemed really happy to be able to answer questions from you guys directly and gave awesome answers. He shared with us what he likes to do in his spare time, who his top favorite artists and actors are, and some lessons and advice for aspiring actors.

Dylan's talents go beyond the acting world. He may not be a superhero, but he told us he has some creative skills such as performing various martial arts, writing in spoken word, and creating short films of his own in his spare time. Pretty impressive for a 15 year-old. He also said he's most looking forward to hitting up the beach and going surfing this summer, where he might have some good rap music playing full blast. He said 2Pac‘s Resurrection album, Notorious B.I.G., and Macklemore have all been on his playlist lately.

Dylan likes to put the right side of his brain to work. He said he's inspired by a wide range of artists including actors Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, rapper and musician Macklemore, and author Edgar Allan Poe. When asked by a fan what actor's career he wishes he could have, Dylan said Ben Affleck or Mark Wahlberg. And on the top of Dylan's favorite movies list is Good Will Hunting, Cast Away, and The Breakfast Club. All good choices if you ask me.

He told us that as an actor, one of the biggest lessons he's learned is that “before you can play any other character, you have to know how to be you.” He also gave advice to a current film student saying that “the entertainment business is based off creativity, so keep an open mind to new ideas that might not seem normal.” To aspiring actors, Dylan said that the most important thing is committing to a character and that “the process used to develop that character must be very creative… otherwise, it gets very boring.”

Dylan joked that he shares the good looks of his character, Young Clark (and he may not have been wrong). On a more serious note, he likes to think that what he has in common with Young Clark the ability to distinguish between right and wrong. Although he shared that we won't be seeing his character fly in the movie, there will be some pretty cool action scenes nonetheless. Dylan seems confident about his role in Man of Steel, despite the pressure of playing such an iconic character. His articulate answers combined with a positive attitude and creative passion tell me it won't be long before we see him back on the big screen!