Chart The Evolution of Dylan And Cole Sprouse In GIFs (Spoiler Alert: They Evolved)

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Get ready to feel old. Dylan and Cole Sprouse can now legally drink. The former Disney kids turned 21 today, and it's cause for celebration. All child stars who make it to a certain age (relatively) unscathed deserve a gold star of achievement—or, at the very least, a decent gourmet muffin basket. For every Lindsay Lohan child star crash and burn, we need a smidgen of normalcy once in a while — just to spice things up.

You might remember the Sprouse brothers as the twins from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody or as the son in Big Daddy. Either way, your strongest image of them is probably still stuck in their pre-puberty years. Watch them evolve just before your eyes, through…magic! AKA, GIFs.

Both appeared in Big Daddy with Adam Sandler. It was their first big role, and they were kind of definitely freaking adorable.

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In their elementary school years, that streak continued. Cole was Ben Geller on Friends. (MIND BLOWN, amirite?) Still adorable.

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They finally got to play two different people on screen on The Suite Life of Zack and Cody—albeit, two very awkward-looking pre-teen boys in desperate need of a haircut. They didn't stray far from the over-emoting Disney protocol. Dylan Sprouse played Zack Martin and Cole played Cody Martin. Cody was the A student. Zack was the less studious, more suave (well, as suave as a thirteen-year-old boy could ever possibly be) of the duo. Both did some Disney-crazy things like STUFF THEIR FACE IN CAKE OMG.

suite life of zach and cody cole sprouseThat really didn't change when the series ended. They just went on a boat, AKA Suite Life on Deck. Unfortunately, nobody sang “I'm On a Boat.”

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The series stopped airing in 2011, and that year the boys entered NYU, after deferring for a year. We didn't really hear from them for a while, until Cole Sprouse started a Tumblr and the Internet exploded. The Cole Sprouse Tumblr Experiment even has an entry on Know Your Meme. How Internet #highbrow for a child actor.

And just to keep everyone guessing, they starred in a Danimals Crunchers commercial with Bella Thorne in 2012. Who knows what's next?

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Now they're 21, a whole world of possibilities open. They're entering their junior year at NYU, and we wish them all the best. May you live up to Mara Wilson's proclamation that that school is where Disney stars go to die. You go, you die (your Disney self, that is)! Do your thang, boys. Do your thang.

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Keep making Disney jokes.

Keep exploring your…um, creative side.

We don't judge (much). Peace out.

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