Happy Birthday, Dylan And Cole Sprouse! Are You Guys Back To Being Adorable Yet?

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Here's something that will make you feel old — Dylan and Cole Sprouse are 20-years old today. “Wait, I don't even know who that is!” Yes, yes you do. They're identical twins who got their start splitting the role of the kid in Big Daddy with Adam Sandler, and then they went on to star on The Disney Channel's Suite Life of Zack and Cody. In 2007 they were recognized as the world's richest teenage identical twins (there's a niche for you), and they also played Ross Geller's son Ben in Friends. Long story short, they made more money before they were ten than I'll see in my whole life.

So yes, the kids who played with Scuba Steve are twenty today. Next year they'll be legally allowed to drink, and I will have to shut myself inside my refrigerator until I eat myself to death. That is, if my old, tired 25-year old body will still work by then. But until that moment, I'll be pondering a certain question, and I invite you all to join me: are Dylan and Cole Sprouse back to being adorable, yet?

It's something that I feel like always happens with child stars. They're adorable when they're young, and slowly, gradually, they morph into a teenager face monster. Macaulay Culkin did it, Haley Joel Osment did it, Dakota Fanning is doing it. Everybody does it. Even you, and me, we just weren't famous enough for anyone to want to take our picture and prove it. Scientifically, the only person on the globe who didn't go through an awkward phase was Selena Gomez, for whatever reason. She has an immunity. BUt in most cases, you're adorable, you're adorable, you're adorable, and then BAM your face rearranges itself.

That's what happened to the Sprouse Bros, as proven by a long period of straight-to-TV movies and unemployment, but we're starting to think there might be light at the end of the tunnel. The twins could be emerging from their Dark Ages and incubating themselves in hotness pods for the years to come. They just finished their freshman year at NYU (ooh! so fancy and not awkward!), where they're both enrolled in Gallatin, which lets you design your own curriculum. Cole is studying humanities and archaeology and Dylan is studying video game design. Both a little awkward, but I have faith in you, boys. Prove me right and become the world's richest identicial twins in their twenties with degrees from NYU. It's an awkward niche, but somebody's gotta fill it.

…that's what she said.

(Image: Adriana M. Barraza / WENN.com)