Dumb Starbucks Was A Prank By Comedian Nathan Fielder, But I Still Suspect Jimmy Kimmel

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Dumb Starbucks Nathan Fielder 2014

You might have heard about the Dumb Starbucks store that opened in Los Angeles this weekend. It was, true to its name, pretty dumb. It was basically just a copycat Starbucks shop with “dumb” in front of everything, from the drink names to the pastry names to the CD titles. How could they get away with using Starbucks' name and logo, you ask? They claimed it was because the store is protected under the “parody law.” Starbucks denied affiliation and said they were looking into “next steps.”

Well, the Los Angeles Health Department has now closed the store due to lack of permit. It's also been revealed that the whole thing was a PR stunt by comedian Nathan Fielder for season two of his Comedy Central show Nathan For You, in which he gives small businesses prank advice. Nathan talked to reporters outside the store yesterday and admitted that Comedy Central wasn't aware at the time of what he was up to. He also said he planned to open another location in Brooklyn. The L.A. store had a short life, but we're all talking about it now, to it looks like it worked.

I don't know about you, but I'm still expecting Jimmy Kimmel to pop up at any moment and reveal that it was really him behind this. From now on, whenever anything weird happens, I'm just going to assume Jimmy Kimmel orchestrated it. Ever since that twerking girl on fire video, I permanently look at him with narrow eyes. I'm still not convinced that he wasn't involved in that Elan Gale Diane in 7A hoax.

Below is the video Nathan Fielder made explaining Dumb Starbucks — and assuring everyone it wasn't a stunt, the liar — but tonight on Jimmy's show I'm expecting him to show the longer cut in which Nathan reveals that he's just Jimmy Kimmel wearing a mask. It would be the ultimate prank, and then all of America would simultaneously throw garbage at their televisions. Because really? Can we stop with the stunts, please? I'm tired.