Dumb And Dumber To Start Filming Despite Jeff Daniels’ Emmy

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Whoever would've thought we'd eventually live in a world where one of the stars of the movie Dumb & Dumber would have an Emmy? And that it'd be Jeff Daniels, of all people? Not that Jeff isn't great, but if you'd asked me back in 1994 which of the two of them was more likely to have an impressive career, I would've said Jim Carrey, right? Isn't that the obvious choice? I also would've said they'd never feel the need to make a sequel to that movie and title it Dumb And Dumber To, though, so that proves what I know.

But here we are, in the year 2013, and everything is different now. Dumb And Dumber To has just started filming, Jeff Daniels has an Emmy for his portrayal of Will McAvoy on HBO's The Newsroom and Jim Carrey has a gently stagnating career and hasn't done a movie I remember since…Yes Man? In 2008? Yowza. Whod've thunk?

In the interest of putting it all on the table, this is also the moment where I reveal that I haven't seen the movie. So…I, uh…haven't seen the movie. Now you make all kinds of incredulous noises and annoyed gestures, and we splutter back and forth at each other for fifteen minutes with a lot of 'but' 'why' and 'how'. Don't worry about all that, because I'm about to save you some time, here — any reaction that you have to the fact that my eyes have not beheld this cinematic masterpiece? I promise you, I've heard it before.

So bottom line, no, I'm not super nostalgic about the sequel to a movie that every eighth grade guy in my class was obsessed with. Sorry about that. What I am is surprised that they're legally allowed to even film it now that one of the stars has been given the prestigious Emily Award. Maybe Jim should chip some other teeth so we can still take the movie (un)seriously? Just throwing out ideas here.

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