The Duggars Know That The Way To Make Us Love Them Again Is To Adopt Kittens

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19 Kids and Counting "Kittens and Konstruction" Duggars Michelle Jim Bob kittens Jessa Jinger

I've often said that my main problem with the Phelps family is that they know how to use the internet, so that they know how to manipulate people. While I wouldn't put the Duggars quite on the same spectrum, I certainly could stand to hear a lot less about them. Unfortunately, right as my latest recaps have been about how sick and tired I am of the Duggars pushing their weird brand of celebrity, they've found yet another insidious way to stay in the spotlight: Kittens.

In last night's 19 Kids and Counting episode “Kittens and Konstruction” (taking a page from the Kardashians as well, I see!), the Duggars go from sweetly adopting one or two cats to starting a Duggar-esque brood of kittens. It starts when the boys ask Michelle if they can adopt one or two, and she easily gives in. Then suddenly it's five—while helping Jim Bob renovate a property, the boys come across three more kittens surviving in an abandoned house. By the end of the episode, they find seven more, and by then it's just ridiculous.

Michelle takes this opportunity to teach the kids about responsibility and raising another living creature. Which is utterly ironic because most of the Duggars already know how to carry, feed, and entertain their infant siblings. But still Michelle goes on and on about keeping the kittens in a pitcher with a warm rag at the bottom — which seemed kinda weird to me — and making sure the kids don't squirt milk up their noses while feeding them. Really, the most important rule that Michelle established in the Duggar household was that there's a time of day where no one's allowed to bother the cats. Because having 18 kids all jostling for a chance to play with these fluffy little creatures would easily give them heart attacks.

It was more the little kids who enjoyed the kittens than the older ones. Jana joked that it was like having more babies, and another one of the daughters confessed that they didn't give the kittens J names because they simply couldn't think of any more! Then you had Jim Bob:

19 Kids and Counting "Kittens and Konstruction" Duggars Michelle Jim Bob kittens Jessa Jinger

The look on his face said it all: He did not find them a blessing. And yet, these people go on having more kids. I will never understand.

Of course, I found myself watching last night's episode more closely than I usually do, mostly to catch glimpses of the adorable little furballs. More than once, I counted to make sure that all five were accounted for. It was funny to watch the boys morbidly try to think up reasons why poor little “Stubby” was missing most of its tail.

But the best moment of the episode came at the end (as usual), where Jessa and Jinger were ruminating on the kitten adventure. “I'm glad that the younger kids have the opportunity to suffer — I mean to learn — through the same process of getting up and doing the feedings all throughout the night,” Jessa deadpanned while Jinger could barely hide her smile. These two need their own talk show or something, stat!

19 Kids and Counting "Kittens and Konstruction" Duggars Michelle Jim Bob kittens Jessa Jinger

Watch the whole episode, if you're so inclined: