9 Signs The Kardashians And The Duggars Are Secretly The Same Family

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I hope you're sitting down, because I'm about to blow your mind. The Kardashians and the Duggars are practically the same family. I know, I know. You think I'm crazy, right? They're so different. The Duggars are chaste and traditional, and the Kardashians… aren't. But you're just not looking hard enough. It took me a while to come to this conclusion as well, but now I can't stop thinking about it.

The most obvious similarities are that both families star on reality shows and feed on attention like its their lifeblood. But there are a lot of even more specific details that make these families eerily similar. Once you see them, you can't unsee them. You've been warned.

1. There are so many of them.

The Duggars Season Four Entire Family(Photo: TLC)

Quick! Name all the Duggars! Quicker! Name all the Kardashians. Chances are you'll leave out a few of them and spend the rest of the day trying to remember. That's because there are just way too many of them. For the Duggars it's obviously because they have 19 kids, and for the Kardashians it's because there are so many half-siblings and step-siblings. Nobody should have that many family members. Especially out of the same vagina. Yeah, looking at you, Michelle.

2. Their weddings are televised.

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Kim's wedding to Kris Humphries got its own special, and so did her wedding to Kanye, even though they didn't actually show the actual ceremony. Similarly, this season on 19 Kids and Counting, it's all about Jill and Derick's blessed nuptials. Just like Josh Duggar's wedding was featured on the show a few years ago. Starting to see the similarities here?

3. They all have names starting with the same letter.



And those letters are even right next to each other in the alphabet! In case you weren't aware, all the Duggar children have names starting with “J,” just like a whole bunch of the Kardashians have names starting with “K.” The evidence is right there, people!

4. The suitors really marry into the family.



Just like Jim Bob uses his daughters' suitors for manual labor around the house, Kris Jenner uses her daughters' suitors to get her family more attention. They also sometimes live in the same house.

5. They have black sheep in the family.

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Poor Rob Kardashian. Always getting left out or forgotten or feeling like he doesn't belong. In that same vein, poor Jinger Duggar. Not only did she get stuck with the worst, most nonsensical name in the bunch, but she does wild things like go huntin' with the boys and express a desire to live close to civilization.

6. They're homeschooled.

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The Duggars teach their countless children at home using a “Christian-based curriculum.” Similarly, Kylie Jenner, hard-working career girl that she is, only has time to go to school 3-4 hours a day, at home. And I'm sure her curriculum is PR-based.

7. They say and do controversial things.

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The Kardashians' very existence is controversial, so I won't go into that. And if you need all of the Duggars' controversial things outlined, there's a handy post right here. Sometimes their controversial things even overlap, like when Khloe Kardashian and her boyfriend posed with a gun, just like Jessa Duggar and her boyfriend. These gals have so much in common!

8. We want some of the children to escape.

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Like I said before, Jinger Duggar is different from her siblings, and because of that, people are desperate for her to escape. There's even a Free Jinger campaign. Kind of like we were all so relieved to learn that North West had learned to walk so she could run away from that family as quickly as possible. Free North! Free Jinger! Free all the children with terrible names!

9. Their shows' seasons don't overlap.

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The season finale of Keeping Up With the Kardashians aired Monday. The season premiere of 19 Kids and Counting aired yesterday. Coincidence? Of course. I think not! They're obviously the same family. Just think about it. Have you ever seen the Kardashians and the Duggars in the same room together? You haven't, have you? Who's to say the Kardashians aren't just the Duggars with a little extra makeup and some sequins? They already have the long, flowing hair. The truth will be revealed eventually, you mark my words.