The Duggars Confuse The Holocaust With Abortion Again, Also History With Make-Believe

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Goshdarnit, those silly old Duggars just can't stop saying wildly offensive things about stuff they know nothing about. Which makes them kinda like that annoying person on your Facebook feed who's always sharing factually incorrect memes about the government and writing, “so true!” Today's topic du ignorance revolves around abortion and The Holocaust. Two topics that never cause any controversy on the Internet!

Last week at the Values Voter Summit, non-uterus-haver Jim Bob Duggar stood up and compared life in America today to life in Nazi Germany. And then he followed up those comments with a clarification this week that was along the lines of, “by Nazi Germany, I meant that there's a baby Holocaust going on in this country right now.” Sadly, for humanity, we've discussed the Duggars' insistence on comparing The Holocaust to abortion on this site before. But because they continue to bring it up, we'll run through this again.

Several million human beings died in The Holocaust because a homicidal sociopath decided that they didn't deserve to live based solely on their religion or sexual orientation or mental abilities. Even though these people did not in any way affect Hitler or the way he chose to live his life, he had them systemically enslaved and murdered. In contrast, several million fetuses are aborted every year because the women carrying them decided that it wasn't in the fetus and/or the woman's best interest to bring the fetus to term.

There are several valid reasons for why a woman decides to have an abortion. While we don't need to dive into each reason right now, let's throw a few of them out there: a woman can't afford a child right now, a woman can't bear giving birth to a child with fatal fetal abnormalities, a woman was raped and got pregnant as a result of that violent sexual assault, a woman knows she's currently unable to emotionally and mentally provide for the child, a woman is not a woman but a teenager.

The common factor in all these cases is that having a baby affects the woman carrying it. Being pregnant isn't easy, pre-natal care isn't cheap, maternity leave isn't a given, family support isn't always there and adoption doesn't always prove to be a viable option. (And do please check out some stats on foster care in America before you even dare to leave a comment on this about adoption. And then check out an article on how pregnancy affects a woman's body and mind. After that call your local foster care system and adopt one of these blessings from God. Bonus points if you don't list “healthy and white” as one of the requirements. Finally, write a letter to the Duggars asking them why they haven't adopted any of these angels when they clearly can afford to do so and are currently talking to the media about “trying” for a 20th child.)

Considering that every rational and educated person knows about The Holocaust as well as the various reasons why women have abortions, it's absolutely unbelievable that we have to have these conversations over and over again. And it's even more unbelievable that we have to have them because this family uses their platform to spread ignorance and hate.

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