The Younger Duggars Are Freaking Out Because Their Older Sisters Can’t Raise Them Anymore

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You know that thing where you're in a big family, like an enormous family, and your parents are so busy humping like submissive rabbits and churning out siblings that they can't be fully committed to parenting, so the older siblings have to step in and raise the younger ones?  Yeah, well, the Duggars know all about that.  But what happens when the oldest members of the cult clan leave the compound nest?

For some young adults, this means entering college and eventually starting a career, and in others it means entering a chaste, Jim Boob, er, Bob-approved courtship (also known as the HIT – housewife-in-training – period) and leaving the flock to start up your own over-sized brood.  Not only is Michelle constantly reminding us that she feels hopeless and lifeless now that she's not currently gestating and her older children are moving out, but the younger Duggars are panicking, too.

“It is a bittersweet time,” says Michelle. “Some of the little ones don't like change but I remind them that we get to visit Josh and Anna and remind them how fun that is.”

“Yes, it's a bit of an adjustment now that I'll have to learn the names of my younger kids and won't have an excuse to escape the iron-clad clutches of Jim Bob and his hair,” Michelle whispered nervously, her wide, blank eyes shifting left and right rapidly.  “Now that Jill is engaged and Jessa is practically holding hands I guess it's never too early teach Josie how to make tater tot casserole.”

What will the younger ones do when that dried-up old spinster Jana finally finds a man she can stare at longingly via Skype with her parents looking on creepily?  Only time will tell!