The Duggars Don’t Want You To Get Plastic Surgery, Because God Might Have Meant For You To Feel Insecure

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Growing up Duggar Book Cover DaughterJust when you think you've discovered a subject that the Duggar family doesn't have an opinion about, they go ahead and give you one. Thankfully eldest daughters Jana, Jill, Jessa and Jinger have a new book in which they dole out advice about everything from touch-free dating to wearing long skirts so boys don't get boners.

E! Online rounded up five of the “most surprising” tidbits from the Duggars' new book, and by “surprising” I'm pretty sure they mean “offensive and ridiculous.” One quote is all about why you should schedule a check-up with the Lord before going to that evil plastic surgeon's office:

“You can have surgery to change some of your physical features, but before you do, we hope you'll carefully and prayerfully consider what God originally gave you when He created you.”

You'll notice that they start out giving you permission to get surgery, but then proceed to remind you that it's not what God would have wanted. And since these are women who keep their hair long because the Bible told them to, I'd say this is a veiled way of telling us plastic surgery isn't allowed. Why? Because it messes with God's “design” for what you should look like. You might not know this, but God is actually a Project Runway reject, and he's really serious about not wanting his fabulous designs tampered with. No matter how insecure you feel about your appearance, changing it would simply hurt his feelings. How do you know God doesn't want you to feel bad about yourself?

Look, I'm not the biggest cheerleader for plastic surgery. I think people obviously go overboard with it, and I'm all about empowering people to feel more confident in their appearance instead of changing it according to society's standards of beauty or on a whim because they noticed a frown line. However, people are free to do whatever they want with their own bodies. And plastic surgery can be a great option for people whose low self-esteem has negatively affected their lives. Not to mention there are reasons to get plastic surgery other than wanting your boobs to be a size bigger, like, for instance, facial deformities, birth defects and injuries. And to suggest that God wants people to look a way that makes them unhappy is rather narrow-minded. But narrow-minded is the Duggars' favorite mood, so it's not really surprising.