The Duggars Extortion Scandal Was A Total Non-Issue

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Amy Duggar James Garrett incriminating photos Duggar extortionRemember when some woman was trying to extort TLC and the Duggar family for $10,000, claiming she had racy pictures of their cousin Amy Duggar with an older man? Yeah, we had forgotten about it, too, especially when the new season of 19 Kids and Counting started up and we were appalled by how they're playing the miscarriage plotline.

However, there's been some development in the story. Teresa Hunt has been charged with extortion, and RadarOnline has published the photos she sent them. Although she described them as “incriminating and damaging” photos of Amy and fellow singer James Garrett, they're entirely harmless.

Amy Rachelle Duggar, 25, is Jim Bob Duggar‘s niece and a country singer. She's performed in a few of James' John Denver tribute shows, he says, but they've never been alone together. He told RadarOnline that he wanted the photos to go public, “so that there would be no question left in anyone's mind about any sort of relationship other than a platonic, working friendship between Amy and I.”

He had hired Teresa Hunt to be his photographer in 2010, but obviously she made the connection between his sometimes-collaborator and her famous family, and tried to get in on some of that reality fortune. There are only two pics, and the one above is the racier of the two, with James — gasp! — putting his arm around Amy. He says that although they were worried about their reputations, they were secure in the knowledge that they weren't doing anything wrong: “We actually enjoyed a good laugh because we obviously knew [the photos] didn't exist! But it was still a bit unsettling to us though.”

Teresa could face two years of jail time, which is stupid. At least get us some juicy photos if you're gonna do the time.