Dude Diary: John Cho

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John ChoIt's an unfortunate commentary on Hollywood, but Asian male actors fall into two categories: the kick-ass fighter (like Jackie Chan or Jet Li) or the wise old sage (like Mr. Miyagi). One of our favorite actors, of any race, John Cho, is (hopefully) working on creating a category of his own, for young, sexy, dynamic actors who can easily move between comedy and more serious fare. It's a tough role to fill, and one we don't see many actors taking on.

John, who is 37, has been working in the biz for quite some time — mostly playing “that Asian guy” bit parts on TV shows and movies. His big break moment came with cult fave Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle in 2004, and he's starred in two sequels as well. The stoner flick can probably spin-off several more sequels, American Pie-style, but now that the film series has gotten John noticed, we want to see him in more challenging roles.

With parts in Star Trek this summer and Flash Forward on TV right now, John has showed that he can play more than just “that Asian guy.” We'd love to see him in more roles like these, but we have a feeling these parts have to be written first. John's been on a few TV shows over the years that have gotten the ax, and Flash Forward is currently on the bubble. If it doesn't get renewed for a second season, we hope our guy will land somewhere prominent or, better yet, work on his movie career. There's already a Star Trek sequel in the works.

What we really want to see is John becoming a sex symbol — hey, People magazine picked up on his sexiness back in 2006. He can break some ground for other sexy Asian guys to follow in his footsteps. Take note, Hollywood: it's John Cho's time.

(Photo by Koji Watanabe/Getty Images)