Dude Diary: ‘Friday Night Lights’ Hottie Grey Damon

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What do you do when arguably the hottest actor on the planet leaves your show to embark on a promising movie career? You get his replacement: That's right, ya'll, newcomer Grey Damon is the new Taylor Kitsch, whose abs will be sorely missed when he leaves Friday Night Lights.

Anyway! When Taylor's Tim Riggins hangs up his jockstrap, Grey will take over his role as popular party boy and varsity football star in the series' fifth season. Starting Friday, NBC will replay the fourth season of Friday Night Lights after its initial run on DIRECTV (the only way NBC could keep the beloved, low-rated show on the air was to first air season four on the satellite television network). One of NBC's best business decisions ever!

But back to Grey: His name is hot, he is hot and he will be playing Hastings Ruckle, an East Dillon High School basketball player who joins the Lions as a wide receiver; now that Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) has been forced out of Dillon High (and the Panthers' stadium), he'll have someone new to work with (and inspire!). And that someone will be Hastings Ruckle, who — just a wild guess here — is moody, broody and misunderstood.

You might remember Grey from past appearances in True Blood, Greek, Lincoln Heights and on 90210, as a “Waiter.” Not anymore, Grey, not anymore.

He seems to have a good reputation in the industry. An IMDB message-board commenter named “jfsmith23″ wrote,” “I've worked with Grey on other sets & he's got a great attitude towards his career as an actor. He (s)hould do very well.” Another person — nay, a prankster — alleges that Grey picks up cougars by pretending to be Robert Pattinson.

We hear the FNL's fifth season  might be its last. This makes us sad, so we don't want to think about it. Check out Grey's photo instead! Who's hotter: him or Riggins/Taylor?