Finally! Someone Makes A Dubstep Mash-Up Of Famous Movie Orgasms

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It's almost inevitable that at some point during any given good meal in your life, someone will make the classic When Harry Met Sally joke, “I'll have what she's having.” It's definitely one of the most iconic fake orgasms to ever be faked for the big screen.

Ecletic Method, our favorite Youtube channel of the day, made the genius decision to mash-up some of Hollywood's most famous orgasm scenes into a dubstep remix. While it's not the kind of song you would want to listen to every single day, it's definitely a good one for any party mix.

Just slip it right in between “Call Me Maybe” and “Stronger” and you'll be sure to whip the crowd into a frenzy. Or an orgasm. You can never can tell when you start playing these types of mash-ups at a party. Also it's completely fair to say you've never really partied until you've whipped the crowd into an orgasm.

While we're unable to name every movie (help a blogger out in the comments) in this video, we're pretty sure that this phenomenal audio art includes the following films: When Harry Met Sally, Barbarella, The Ugly Truth, Porky's and Amelie. Videos like this are the reason mash-ups were invented.

So next time someone asks you what dubstep is, just send them this video. It will all make sense.

(Via The Daily What Via Death and Taxes Via WBE)