Here’s Some Kristen Wiig-Based Proof That You Should Be Watching Drunk History

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Kristen Wiig as Patty Hearst in Drunk History August 2013Have you been watching Drunk History? More importantly, have we even told you to be watching Drunk History? It's the best thing ever in the history of anything, but you'd be forgiven for missing out on it if we forgot to tell you about it until now. We're very aware that the world waits with bated breath for our recommendations before making any of its pop culture decisions.

So guys, consider this your taste-making push in the right direction, as long as that direction is away from white-people cornrows and jeggings (please) and toward this wonderful show that's newly on the television. It started out on YouTube, created by Derek Waters, who enlisted his friends to get extra super duper drunk and then tell him about important moments in history. After he had the stories recorded in all of their drunken glory, he enlisted other friends (some famousy, some not as famousy) to act out said stories, with costumes and sets and everything, even mouthing along with the slurred lines and pausing for drunken moans or voms, when applicable.

It was super popular on YouTube for a long time with me, people cooler than me, and everyone who ever came over to my apartment ever, because I'd show it to them on my laptop. But now the world gets to know about it, too! And the people in it are more famousy than ever! Because it got picked up for an eight-episode run on Comedy Central, airing every Tuesday at 10:00pm EST!

So like, in the above clip, which features Burning Love star Natasha Leggero drunkenly giving the history of Patty Hearst, we get to see Kristen Wiig playing Patty! And yapping dogs that get excited when Natasha raps on the table! And a photo shoot with a beret! What more could you ask for? We haven't even seen this episode yet, because it airs next week, but the clip should be enough to convince you that you need to watch it. Need to. Like now. Quickly, before I Stockholm Syndrome your ass.

(Image: Ron Batzdorff / Comedy Central via Grantland)