Video: ‘Droidfriend’ Parodies Justin Bieber The Star Wars Way

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Oh look, it's the Star Wars themed Justin Bieber parody you've been waiting for.

Starring a shaggy haired robot named “C-3-Bieb-O,” the video for “Droidfriend” is basically a better version of Justin Bieber's “Boyfriend” video. Instead of a hairless boy-child, you've got a hairless robot in a wig, and he nails that sexy whispery part perfectly. And instead of the usual video vixens, you've got sexy alien ladies, Chewbacca, and R2D2. I especially appreciate seeing all the Star Wars characters break it down in a dance circle. The lyrics are relatively clever, too:

If I was your droid-friend, You'd never let me go
I can talk to life forms you ain't never seen before
Baby, I relate to every human and cyborg
I got linguistics on my lips that'll really make you bored

But even if the lyrics were not clever, I'd still rather think about Star Wars when listening to this song than about Justin Bieber doing sexy things to ladies. This parody has all of the catchy melodies of the original, with none of the grossness.

(Via Teddie Films)