Drew Barrymore Spotted Holding A Sonogram Seems Pretty Clear Proof That She’s Pregnant

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Drew Barrymore sonogram Will KopelmanUpdate: We were asked to take down the photo of Drew, so enjoy this pic of her and Will having lunch, presumably pre-pregnancy.

Thanks to the pervasive world of celebrity and reality TV, we're used to being intensely involved in stars' pregnancies and births: The first photos published in People, the agonizing process of choosing a name, the subsequent babies. But it's rare that we see something so intimate as a first sonogram… which seems to be what we've stumbled up on with newly-engaged Drew Barrymore.

TMZ caught these photos of Drew and fiancé Will Kopelman leaving a doctor's office in Beverly Hills, and she's clearly clutching a sonogram. Not to mention the usual detail that either the wind blew her shirt a certain direction, or her belly's definitely swollen. Her reps would only say, “No comment,” but that's not a denial.

Drew — who turns 37 today — told InStyle in 2006 that family is certainly on her mind. “I definitely feel the beginnings of a tick tock,” she said. “Whether I have children or adopt, whatever form a family comes in, I would absolutely love to have it.”

So, if this news is true, hopefully Drew is ready to share it with the world. And if so, congrats to the happy couple!