Drew Barrymore Is Engaged To Will Kopelman

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At first, the news that Drew Barrymore is set to get married for a third time might make you roll your eyes and place bets on how long this one will last. After all, her first marriage — to a Welsh bar owner in 1994 — only made it a month. When she moved more high-profile to Tom Green in 2001, they didn't even make it six months.

But then you see a photo like this of Drew and boyfriend (now fiance) Will Kopelman and you think that they look like they genuinely love each other. Despite her wild-child past, Drew's really grown up in the last decade, and Will seems like a really grounded guy for her.

Of course, they haven't been dating too long; they were together briefly in 2010 before splitting up, and his proposal came right about at the one-year mark in their relationship. But maybe it's just timing; She's ready to start a family, and a source says that art consultant Will is “madly in love and knows she's The One.” He proposed over the holidays while they were in Sun Valley, Idaho.

But what does her ex Justin Long think about all this? That's what we want to know, especially when there were rumors that he and Drew were getting hitched two years ago in January 2010 after she changed her Facebook relationship status to engaged.