Despite Taking Forever To Confirm Her Pregnancy, Drew Barrymore Managed To Give Birth Today

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It feels like just yesterday Drew Barrymore finally got around to confirming her pregnancy. Just when I've had time to process that news (and rescind all my earlier stories about her gaining abnormal amounts of uterus weight), she gives birth to a healthy baby girl named Olive.

Not only does this set her up nicely for a son named Oil, but it also confirms my theory that celebrities  can successfully give birth to children without excessive flaunting of their baby bump.

As far as I know she only officially showed off her pregnant stomach once — and that was on the cover of People. This means that it's not necessary for celebrities to turn their belly tenants into reasons for a media circus.

It also means the media's no longer legally obligated to follow around pregnant celebrities, take photos of them going about their day and then write headlines like, “Drew Barrymore appears in public wearing normal clothes, purposefully showing off her growing baby bump.”

Science lessons aside, congrats to Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman on baby Olive.