18 of the Most Blissfully Drama-Free Couples on TV

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There are so many couples on TV that keep us guessing with their will-they-won't-they drama. They break up, the make up, and nothing is ever just stable in their relationship. And while that's all fine an dandy for some, we prefer the other type of TV couple. The ones who are blissfully drama-free. Who get together and stay together. Sure, dramatic things might happen to them but they always get through it together. Nothing can tear apart these happy, enduring couples!

We get it, watching people fall in and out of love on TV is just good viewing! You aren't the only one who loves the drama of a couple who keeps us guessing. But sometimes, it's comforting to know that even on TV, there are couples that just love each other unconditionally. We could all use more of those good vibes right now!