Drake Defines ‘The Bottom’ As Working At Duane Reade In ‘Started From The Bottom’ Video

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With his first Grammy (for Best Rap Album) under his belt, it seems like as good a time as any for Drake to remind everyone that he “started from the bottom.” And what exactly does that mean to him? Soccer, suburbia, and working at Duane Reade. #struggleface

The video opens on a young Drake engaged in the hardest of beginnings. No, not selling crack on the street. I'm talking about Toronto youth soccer. Those kids were tough! He then takes us through various scenes from his adolescence and young adulthood—his mom in front of their suburban home, his descent into bowling, his dangerous and scary job at a pharmacy—as he raps about how he “started from the bottom.” What adversity he has overcome!

As the video shows, Drake rose through harsh conditions like not being famous and not having a white convertible to ultimately achieve the Canadian dream: fancy jewelry, his own plane, and a plethora of attractive women to shake their asses for him like he's Hugh Hefner. He can also be seen dancing with actual gold bars in the final takes. He earned it, okay?

The ridiculousness of Drake's “from the bottom” conceit aside, it's actually a pretty fun video—it's cute when he gets promoted to night manager and celebrates like he just won a Grammy, and it's nice that his mom gets a cameo. The bit where his co-workers try to hit on an attractive customer is a little hard to watch, but it's still nice to see them pop up at Drake's vacation mansion later. And even if he didn't really start from the bottom, his accomplishments are nonetheless impressive. I mean, he should get another Grammy just for ghost riding a car in a snow storm without severely injuring himself.

(Via Vulture)