Drake As Lil Wayne As Steve Urkel + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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Drake SNL bumper January 2014

I went into last night's episode of Saturday Night Live with no expectations at all, good or bad. I'm simply not familiar enough with Drake to have predicted how he'd do as host and musical guest — which is becoming this season's big trend, wouldn't you say? While I walked in not really knowing what Drake would have up his sleeve, I walked out totally impressed. He was not only hilarious, but he came off as extremely confident and natural, like he'd been in the cast for multiple seasons. He never broke character, he recited his lines without relying too much on the teleprompter, and he gave every sketch his all. I guess that time on Degrassi did him good.

The other noteworthy thing about this episode is that it marked new cast member Sasheer Zamata's first show. As you might have heard, SNL responded to backlash over not having a black woman in their cast by… well, casting a black woman. Sasheer didn't get a whole lot to do this episode, which is to be expected on her first go at things, but she was a welcome addition. Thankfully the show didn't bring to life their cold open from the Kerry Washington episode and have her play every black woman in existence. But let's actually watch some sketches, shall we? Here are the five best of the night.

1. Piers Morgan Cold Open

I had to put this one first for the simple reason that it includes a flawless Justin Bieber impression by Kate McKinnon. She nails everything about him, from his immature “responsibility is gross” attitude to that annoying smolder he does at random moments. I could not stop laughing.

2. Before They Were Stars

This sketch took Drake's past TV career and ran with it, suggesting that other hip-hop icons from Eminem to Jay-Z had stints on famous shows. Drake playing Lil Wayne playing Steve Urkel was pretty great, as was Sasheer as a bored, gyrating Rihanna on Blossom.

3. Jacqueline Bisset

I was crossing my fingers that they'd do a sketch based on Jacqueline Bisset's strange, frizzy-haired Golden Globes acceptance speech, and Vanessa Bayer did not disappoint. I especially loved that they made it a running gag throughout Weekend Update.

4. Nancy Grace

I've watched a lot of Nancy Grace, and I'm sorry to say that Noel Wells' impression didn't really do much for me, but Twitter was abuzz about Drake's Katt Williams impression. It's a great example of just how committed he was to nailing every sketch.

5. Disney World Show

File this one under “dumb but weirdly funny.” Nasim Pedrad has become the queen of awkward on this show, and I absolutely love it. But I mostly loved Drake's repeated requests of her. “Go ahead and duck, Rahad! Go ahead and duck, Rahad!”

Honorable mentions go to “Mornin' Miami,” which Miley Cyrus introduced during her hosting, as well as Drake's monologue rap about being half Jewish and half black.

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