Drake Prank Interviews People About Drake, Finds Out People Don’t Like Drake Very Much

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Drake prank interview Jimmy Kimmel 2014

Jimmy Kimmel has been doing these Lie Witness News segments on his show for what feels like fifty years now, and even though they usually happen on Hollywood Boulevard, the people his show interviews continue to think it's legit. That includes when Drake rather unconvincingly disguises himself in a fake beard, wig and hipster glasses and asks people what they think of Drake. The resulting video proves that people have a lot of negative things to say about Drake, and also that Drake has a great sense of humor — but we kind of already knew that.

Drake's disguise is only a step or two above Clark Kent's glasses in terms of convincingness. Actually, it might be even less convincing than Clark's, because it looks like such an obvious and over-the-top way to hide his identity. Sometimes you gotta hide things in plain sight, you know? Not that I wouldn't know Clark Kent was Superman. That's just dumb. But as soon as this bearded, bespectacled guy who reminds me of Drake asked me about Drake, I'd like to think I'd figure out what was happening. But I guess nobody really knows how they'll react to a guy who looks like Drake asking them about Drake until it happens. That's an old proverb, right?

Even though you'll probably think it's ridiculous that the interview subjects don't realize what's happening, something tells me you'll enjoy Drake's sense of humor. Even when people are saying he's the worst, he just goes with the flow and stays in character. And he has a priceless reaction to the guy who still doesn't understand what's really going on no matter how many times Drake literally tells him, “I am Drake.” Contrary to these people's psychic opinions, I think Drake will do a great job hosting those ESPY Awards in July. I hate sports even more than these people hate Drake, but I might just tune in.