In Case You’re Wondering What Drake Thinks About Orgasms

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I know I'm not the only one who looks at Drake and thinks, “wow, still can't believe Jimmy learned to walk after that tragic school shooting!” I also know I'm not the only who ponders what he thinks about orgasms. Because it's like, how can you really know a celebrity if you don't know how they feel when it happens.

Luckily Drake (who also occasionally goes by his super boring birth name Aubrey Graham) shared how he feels in that exact moment in an upcoming GQ interview.

“There's just a time where it was like, just getting pussy. Where I was in that sort of ‘I'm young, I'm going to disconnect from my emotions and just do what everyone else tells me I should do and just be a rapper and have my fun.' And for me as a person, it just doesn't work. I just need something else. The seconds after a man reaches climax, that's like the realest moment of your life. If I don't want you next to me in that fifteen, twenty seconds, then there's something wrong.”

That's deep and real. Yes, very real and very deep. I just want to know what happens when he realizes during those 15-20 seconds that he doesn't want someone next to him anymore.

Does she get kicked out right away? Does he roll over and hope she'll take it as her cue to leave? Or does he spoon her all through the night and whisper softly into her ear in the morning that she may give him a blow job but then she's expected to leave forever and never look back?

I know Jimmy would have at least texted her to make sure she got home safely. Drake, I'm not so sure.