Drake Gives Up Rapping To Become Guy Fieri’s Apprentice… Or So This Photo Says

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Drake Guy Fieri cooking photo funny wtf donkey sauce apprentice sous chefCanadian teen show star, rapper, one-time Rihanna beau… Now Drake seems to have added sous chef to his list of accomplishments. Drake fansite @WordOnRd somehow caught this photo of Drizzy (a.k.a. Aubrey Graham) kickin' it with the celebrity chef/recipient of the greatest New York Times restaurant takedown in recent memory. According to Guy, he was up in Toronto scoping out international locations for his Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives; I guess Drake was just hanging out in his hometown when Guy decided to come through in a whirlwind of bowling shirts and frosted tips.

I have to say, though, what differentiates this photo from other DDD shots is that both men look very snappy in their chef's jackets. What establishment is this that it convinced Guy to get all classy? I bet he doesn't even do his signature move “The Hunch” to eat whatever they've cooked up together. (And yes, I completely think that Drake looks so focused because he's pouring the exact perfect ratio of donkey sauce into this dish.)

According to Yahoo! News, this episode of DDD will profile six little-known Toronto restaurants. Furthermore, The Globe and Mail reports that Guy was set to host a charity cooking challenge and dinner on December 1st, drawing on local celebrity chefs. So that explains Drake's presence. Hopefully that will be folded into the episode as well! To be honest, I might have preferred to see them meet up at a more casual place—partly because Guy would be more in his element, and partly because I'd love to see which celebrity people freak out about more.

Does this mean that Guy will get a guest verse in Drake's next single?

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Photo: Instagram