Ellen Just Got Drake To Admit Who He’s Dated, Is Officially An Interview Wizard

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Drake on Ellen September 2013I don't know what magical potion Hollywood's Most Likeable Woman Ellen DeGeneres was brewing and drinking on her time off, but she came back from her summer vacation as some kind of interview wizard. Earlier this week, she single-handedly got Scary Spice to agree to a Spice Girls reunion on her show, and now she's somehow gotten the notoriously private Drake to open up about exactly whom he has and hasn't dated. MAGIC IS REAL.

Ellen has Drake on her show today, and based on this clip that's been released, she wastes no time in getting right down the business of his romantic history. She's like, “Hi hello, welcome to the show, ‘grats on the Grammy and stuff, now keep your butt in that chair while I flash huge photos of famous ladies up on the wall and you can tell me if you dated them or not? Cool? No don't answer that, I already know it's cool. RIHANNA.”

That's the genius of Ellen, because she doesn't even wait for Drake to get on board, she just starts doing what she said she was going to do as soon as she finishes explaining it. And Drake is so startled that he just goes along with it. And I think he's actually being honest, too! Ellen calls him out for being nervous, and he grumbles that he's gonna have a talking to with his manager, but he does it. He gets asked about Nicki Minaj, Tyra Banks, Kim Kardashian, and Kat Dennings, and he answers all of them as honestly (I think) as he spoke about Rihanna.

I won't give it away because you need to watch it yourself (A. to learn about Drake and B. to marvel at Ellen), but just know that even Drake is offended by the insinuation that he dated Kim Kardashian. Even Drake.

Also Disneyland in disguise? I need more information about that. Immediately.