The Other Drake Continues On His Mission To Destroy Justin Bieber, Someone Grab The Popcorn

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drake bell airport april 2013

While you spent yesterday trying to get Mr. Merriam-Webster to add “see Justin Bieber” under the word entitlement, Drake Bell took him out on Twitter. Again. Even though I've never seen the other Drake act in anything besides an old GIF of him and Amanda Bynes, he's quickly becoming one of my favorite people in Hollywood. In fact, I would say he's one witty tweet away from becoming Drake to me. Sorry Jimmy, I feel bad about the wheelchair and all, but maybe you're the other Drake. Yeah, think about that for a second.

And then read Drake's response to Bieber peeing in a mop bucket.

See what he did there in that tweetsult? Pulled in a classic “leave Britney alone” reference and then reminded us that Justin's an overindulged little prick. Insult aside, it's a clever tweet. Insult not aside, it's a quality diss. The kind that I wished I could've pulled out in third grade when disses were really in. Want to know my old go-to? Okay, I will tell you then. Your momma is so fat that when she sits on the rainbow all the skittles come out. Boom. That one will get you a five minute time-out during recess. No questions asked. Also, I think looking back, I might be guilty of some fat shaming. Trust me, I hate my third grade self for it more than you ever could.

But enough about my guilt and more about Drake. Not only did he personally craft that tweetsult last night, but he also spent time retweeting other people's hilarious tweets about The Bieber Piss Bucket Scandal of Summer 2013. While I'm usually not into celebrities taking each other down on Twitter, I'm all for making an exception when it comes to Bieber. He's becoming quite the insufferable little brat and it seems like no one in his inner circle wants to stand up to him. The best they can do is call in Selena Gomez to babysat him when they take a night off from making sure he doesn't light fireworks in the house or poop on the neighbor's lawn.

So props to Drake for calling him out on his ridiculous bullshit. Maybe if a few other influential tweeneybopper celebrities do the same, the Beliebers might take note and they might stop worshipping a grown man who behaves like a baby.

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