Dr. Phil Discussion – “Living on a Prayer”

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DanToday on the Dr. Phil show, Dan and Janna were guests who were “living on a prayer” since they, along with their seven children, were living in home with no income, no heat and no running water.  Worse yet – they were about to lose the privilege of even that terrible existence.  Why?  Because Dan and Janna believe that their primitive lifestyle is God’s will, and that they are being led by the Lord.

Janna’s parents (mom Carol and stepfather Rich) have bailed them out numerous times to the point that Carol and Rich have depleted their retirement savings!  They would buy things for the family (like cribs, bunk beds, a van) and Dan and Janna would sell the items for next to nothing!  If that isn't bad enough, Carol and Rich worry about the well-being of their grandchildren who are living in poverty.

Dan has a college education but has chosen to try his hand at entrepreneurship but, so far, has had eight failed businesses!  Although he has recently applied for some office work, he still talks about growing mango trees and raising tropical fish as a source of income!

I have absolutely no problem with respecting the religious choices of others but this just seemed like a lame way to make excuses for not working a regular job.  As someone on the show pointed out, this lifestyle would be fine if it were just the two adults but they have seven children, one of which is less than a month old!  When you have children (especially that many), you lose the luxury of not having a steady income while pursuing alternative business ideas. 

I was pretty appalled by Dan's behavior (and Janna's defense of him) but I'd love to hear what you think!

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