Downton Sixbey Finally Returns With Even More Drama Than Downton Abbey

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After too many months of waiting around for Downton Sixbey to return to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the third episode of the show finally premiered last night in all its Downton parody glory. It closely follows the plot of this season's Downton Abbey with Jimmy Fallon revealing to his team that he's invested all their money in a failing enterprise — the shake weight. So therefore they're going to have to start recycling jokes. 

Jokes along the horrible lines of “perhaps Honey Boo Boo tries to eat the football because she thinks it's a piece of chocolate.”

And that's not all, they're also going have to start sharing wine. Well I won't spoil the episode for you, I will say that Edith gets the shaft in this whole wine sharing deal. Fred Armisen plays the scene beautifully and makes me wish that he could just play Edith all the time. He just gets the essence of her entire personality. Especially when — well, I won't say it. But something big happens at the end of the episode that left me on the edge of my seat. However I will say that I do wish the The Impossible wasn't already taken as a movie title, because that's what I would call the spin-off show that involves Edith and this plot twist.

Last but not least, it has to be said that I give major props to Brooke Shields for calling out Jimmy Fallon on squandering their entire fortune. It's something I wish the family in the real show would have focused on a little bit more. Cousin Matthew excluded, obviously.

But enough about Downton Abbey, it's time for Downton Sixbey — the far more superior Downton.