People Are Now Photoshopping Other Modern Objects Into That Downton Abbey Photo

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Downton Abbey season five promotional photo with water bottle

Oh Internet, I love you so. One day something silly happens, and the next day it's become a meme. Yesterday we were all giggling over the fact that a new Downton Abbey promotional photo mistakenly included a modern-day water bottle sitting on the mantelpiece behind Lord Grantham and Lady Edith. But the people of social media didn't just have a giggle over it and move on. When do they ever? Instead there are now parody versions of the photo popping up with other modern objects Photoshopped into it.

For example, here you can see that an iPad has somehow made its way to the 1920s. Either that or the show is doing a very big time jump this season.

Figures Lord Grantham would be an early adopter. Look at him with that Google Glass. And it looks like Edith just wants to get back to her texting.

The Crawleys really do know how to decorate a house:

Can't believe nobody noticed this stuff.

And it's not just the water bottle photo. Looks like next season the servants will be saying “Pass the bucket, please.”

Sorry, Downton Abbey people. When you make a mistake, the people of the Internet won't let you live it down. They'll mock you mercilessly through Photoshop for at least a couple of days, before they find something else to make fun of. But when the show returns in January, I'll probably still be tweeting my concern over where that lovely antique bottle went. It looked so classy next to that vase.

(Photo: Nick Briggs/Carnival Film & Television Ltd/ITV)