Downton Abbey With Unnecessary Censorship Will Make Your Day

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Downton Abbey With Unnecessary Censorship Will Make Your Day Downton Abbey censored jpg

The Downton Abbey Christmas special airs tomorrow night in Britain. Those of us in the states will unfortunately have to wait until February 28th to watch it, when we’re already totally over Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day and are already moving on to thinking about Easter. Because being an Amurrican just isn’t fair, goddamnit. But anyway, back to Downton Abbey. In honor of the new special, YouTube channel Yes it’s funny (I always like things that tell me how to feel) released a video titled “Downton Abbey’s Foul Mouth.”

If you’re wondering if this video involves scenes from Downton Abbey with unnecessary censorship added, so that it looks like the characters are saying bad words, you would be absolutely correct. And really, what could be better? Unnecessary censorship is one of the funniest things mankind has ever invented. It’s one of Jimmy Kimmel’s best segments, and it makes Frozen both horrifying and hilarious. Adding it to Downton Abbey is downright delightful.

So, while those of us in America might not be able to watch the residents of Downton on Christmas day, we can at least watch Lord Grantham saying “Oh, shit” in — to borrow the Dowager Countess’ phrasing — an “actual fucking dining room.” And if you’re wondering, Downton Abbey with unnecessary bleeps is way better than Downton Abbey with American accents, with all due respect to the cast. I’m thinking they should just insert a few fake F-words each episode to keep things interesting. P. Diddy would be proud.