The Downton Abbey Cast Isn’t Allowed To Wear Modern Underwear Anymore, So I Hope You’re Happy

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Lady Edith Crawley blinking Downton Abbey GIFRemember last week when we were all cackling over the fact that someone accidentally left a water bottle in a promotional photo for Downton Abbey season five? Well those actions (like Photoshopping in ever-more technological items, like an iPad onto the mantel and having Lord Grantham sporting Google Glass), had consequences, so I hope we're all proud of ourselves.

Even though the entire cast jumped on board with the joke, holding bottles of their own in a group photo that promoted donating to WaterAid, they're probably singing a different tune now that they're not allowed to wear modern underwear on set anymore. YEAH THAT'S RIGHT. The production company is so adamant that a mistake like Water Bottlegate 2K14 doesn't happen again that they're banning all signs of them from the premises. According to a cast member who spoke to The Telegraph:

“Modern watches and jewelry are out and so even is modern underwear as the danger is apparently too great it could be seen if we bend over. They have relented in the case of prescription glasses and asthma guns, but that’s about it.”

Well who cares about asthma and seeing properly when you're all swaddled up in muslin like a baby? What happens if you're on your period? Or what if you can't act properly without your Calvins or a lacy thong up your b-crack? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO? According to show-creator Julian Fellowes:

“It was a silly mistake, of course, and I suppose someone will be blown up for it.”

Um yeah I think someone already has — Victoria. AND HER SECRET, TOO. (High fives all around.)

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