The Downton Abbey Season 4 Trailer Is Here And It’s All Tears And Jazz And Such

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Downton Abbey Maggie Smith Michelle Dockery

Gone are the petticoats and corsets of yesterday at Downton Abbey.  It looks like this new season is all jazz shoes, finger waves, illicit kissing, and even features an African American!  All joking aside, the trailer for season 4 of Downton looks great, even if it gives away zero spoilers besides the ones I just mentioned.  Out with Dan Stevens and O'Brien, in with flapper necklines and suitors for Lady Mary!

First of all, it looks like there is a. lot. of. kissing.  Downstairs kisses, upstairs kisses, crying kisses, etc.  Speaking of crying, there's a lot of that too.  Based on this trailer, Mary seems to be keeping it together and facing Matthew's death in a typical, stoic manner until she loses her composure with Carson.  I've always been very fond of their relationship, to be honest.  He sees her in a way no one else does, and through him she becomes more empathetic as a character.

It also appears that at Downton Abbey, there must be no time wasted in finding a new husband for Mary.  Nothing says “yeah, let's date!” quite like a widower in mourning and drab black dresses!

And now that Bates is out of prison (in what was perhaps the longest, most drawn-out and ridiculous plot line in the show last season), he still finds a reason to bawl in the stairwell.  Hoping Bates isn't quite as, well, Bates-ish this season.  He's just too good, damn it!

I'm really not sure what direction the show will go this season, what with the departure of main characters this season.  I'm hoping it doesn't get too soap-y, you know?  Then again all I really need to know is that Grandmama Grantham is back and better than ever.

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