Dan Stevens Is Just As Excited To Find Out What Happens On Downton Abbey As You Are

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Dan Stevens Michelle Dockery Downton Abbey

As you probably already know if you're a fan, Downton Abbey returns to American television for a fourth season this Sunday night on PBS. We'll all gather around our TV sets anxiously wondering what is to come of the Crawley clan while everyone across the pond scoffs at us because they already know what happens. But it turns out that even Matthew Crawley himself doesn't know what becomes of the Crawley clan. Okay, maybe that was a bad way to phrase it since obviously he wouldn't know, being (spoiler alert) dead and all. But the actor who played Matthew Crawley, newly minted Brooklynite Dan Stevens, also doesn't know, as he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I have absolutely no idea what becomes of Mary,” Stevens tells THR, “because I want to watch it with the American audience — it will be fun. After all, I live in Brooklyn now.”

Isn't that just classic Dan Stevens, betraying his country just like he did his show when he decided to leave and broke all our hearts? And now he thinks it will be “fun” to watch his TV wife grieve from the comfort of his hip Brooklyn pad? Maybe you should just go watch Girls if you love Brooklyn so much, Dan Stevens! Perhaps Siobhan Finneran and Jessica Brown Findlay can join you, and you can all have a good laugh about how you all left us! Hahaha, isn't it funny?

Whoa there, sorry about that. I guess the “Matthew Crawley, come back to life this instant and be with your baby” wound is still too fresh for me. Dan Stevens is free to watch the show as he wishes, but I hope someone's there to count his smiles and get back to me. What can we and Dan expect to see this season? Well, there's the show's first black character, an appearance from Virginia Woolf, and lots and lots of drama and tears. Excited yet?

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