The Downton Abbey Season Finale Breaks Our Hearts, Of Course

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Downton Abbey Season 3 Finale mary

Well, last night’s Downton Abbey destroyed my heart. But before I go into why, let’s review what went down in the high-drama season three finale.

We open as the family heads to Duneagle Castle to visit their Scottish relatives. Poor Tom Branson has to awkwardly stay behind because he doesn’t know that side of the family, but it’s okay because he gets to take care of ADORABLE BABY SIBBY. Well, maybe it’s not that okay because this little baby reminds Tom that his amazing wife Sybil died in childbirth. And to make things worse, there is an annoying new maid named Edna who is like a more gossipy, more trampy Ethel. She shamelessly flirts with Tom, even though Sybil JUST died. Edna continues to be annoying when she tries to make Tom feel ashamed about marrying into the upper class. How dare you question the motives behind Tom and Sybil’s love? Step aside, homewrecker. Later, Edna walks in on Tom with his shirt off and tries to kiss him, which he lets her do. Poor Tom needs to stop thinking with his dick. Lucky for him, she gets fired before things get out of hand. Good. Maybe we could have avoided this problem if Downton would just STOP HIRING HOME-WRECKING MAIDS.

Meanwhile, in the giant clusterfuck that is Edith’s love life, she is being pursued all the way to Scotland by her older editor Mr. Gregson. But although she would willingly accept him, he is taken (only technically—his wife is in an asylum and doesn’t even recognize him anymore). Poor Edith. After taking Matthew’s advice, Mr. Gregson tries to part from her at the ball, saying that this should be their last evening together, but Edith doesn’t want to let him go because she’s finally realized how deeply she cares for him. You go, girl. Fight for what you want.

Next up in unrequited love, Thomas saves Jimmy from getting beaten up by some sketchy boys at the village fair. Thomas gets a black eye in the process, but Jimmy still won’t love him. DAMMIT JIMMY. Later, Jimmy visits Thomas in his room and thanks Thomas for saving him. Thomas’s unrequited love for him is heartbreakingly obvious, but Jimmy can never give him what he wants, so Thomas suggests that they should just be friends. Poor Thomas will never be able to find love. Being gay in the 1920s must have been awful.

Okay, and now for the couple that we obviously care the most about: Matthew and Mary. Can I just say that I’m upset that we got cheated out seeing any Matthew/Mary sex scenes now that they’re married? We never get more than a chaste kiss out of these lovebirds. However, what he lose in sex scenes the writers definitely make up for by showing us their sweet, loving pillow talk. Can someone please just make a supercut of all the endearing conversations they have in bed? Mary teases Matthew by asking him how he can be so sure she’s nice when no one else thinks so. And of course, Matthew answers her with the most disarmingly beautiful thing he has ever said: “Because I’ve seen you naked and held you in my arms, and I’ve seen the real you.” I majorly teared up here.

Later, Mary peaces out of Scotland early because she’s going into labor. She gives birth to a son, finally giving Downton an heir! Matthew is beside himself with happiness. He assures her: “You’ll be my Mary always, because mine is the true Mary.” Happy tears are streaming down my face.

Matthew drives back to Downton to tell everyone the good news, but before he can get there, he gets into a fatal car crush.

DOWNTON, WHY? Why did you need to kill off Matthew when we spent three seasons wanting Matthew and Mary to be together? Why did you kill him off the second that everything was perfect? I think the writers of Downton Abbey may be taking the phrase “kill your darlings” a little bit too seriously. It seems like Downton Abbey is destined to forever break our hearts by ruining every happy couple that ever exists. Please, don’t let Anna and Bates be next. Please let us have one happy, stable couple that escapes tragedy on this show.

And Matthew Crawley? That was just mean, Downton. You know he is everyone’s favorite character. He is truly one of a kind. He is kind, sweet, and dashing, but he is also one of the most intelligent and thoughtful character on the show. He is everyone’s ally and the go-to person for sage advice. Not to mention all the soul-crushingly beautiful things that he has said to Mary over the course of their romance. He is the most perfect man in the world and you killed him for no reason. Okay, maybe the reason is that Dan Stevens wanted to leave the show, but still.

And Dan Stevens, why did you choose THIS SEASON to leave? Matthew and Mary can finally be happy together, after three seasons of crazy circumstances that kept them apart. And now you’re leaving, and forcing the writers to kill Matthew off in the same season that they’ve already killed off Sybil, everyone’s OTHER favorite character. You better be leaving this show to play another perfectly dashing character in another period drama who I can love in the place of Matthew Crawley, because if not, all of this has gone to waste.

How is Mary going to deal with this if I can't ever deal with it? Especially now that this leaves not one, but two young single parents sadly roaming the halls of Downton Abbey. Is Edith our only hope for new love on this show? I do NOT trust her with that burden. Needless to say I’ll be tuning in for season four, because I love the show and all the characters, but I’ll be sure to prepare for a tidal wave of feelings, as always. Hopefully you’ll take better care of my heart next season, Downton Abbey.

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