Watching The Downton Abbey Cast Sing A One Direction Song Will Make Your Day, Possibly Your Life

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Downton abbey one direction song

I hate Dan Stevens so much right now that I could stop having sex dreams about him any night now. ANY NIGHT DAN STEVENS. Just like a dancer on the Abby Lee Miller Dance Team, you are replaceable. After forcing me to fall in love with Matthew Crawley on Downton Abbey, he decides he's ready to pursue other options. So now he's off “making movies” while the rest of us are all standing around, hesitant to get into any moving vehicle…because YOU NEVER KNOW!

Oh, do you know someone who's recently experienced a joyous life event? Don't do anything, don't go anywhere. Because a death is right around the corner. Don't believe me. Ask Lady Sybil. (RIP gal pal)

While I'm still carefully wording my letter to Julian Fellowes, explaining how I'd be cool with a ghost-hologram-thingy of Matthew haunting Downton, I'm also getting through my misery with this amazing video that I found on Cinema Blend. Someone up in Heaven knew that we needed something real special to watch until season four premieres in like 2014 (?) and gave us the Downton Abbey  cast singing One Direction's “What Makes You Beautiful.

Now let me preface your excitement with the fact that they're not really singing this song. Because they live in the 1920s and I'm pretty sure music didn't even exist back then. Let along man-boys who openly pursued careers as teenage heartthrobs. But some master of the universe edited together a bunch of clips to make it look like they're singing it. And that's all that really matters.