Thomas Says O’Brien On Downton Abbey Is Replaceable, But Also Irreplaceable

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Thomas O'Brien Downton Abbey

Season three of Downton Abbey turned out to be incredibly emotional. Not only because everyone died, but also because half the cast decided that it would be a good time to leave the show. Like, why would one want to stay a critically acclaimed show anyway? Am I right or am I right or am I haunted by Matthew Crawley's dead eyes every night as I try to go to sleep.

After we mourned Sybil and after we mourned Matthew, we got stuck mourning Mrs O'Brien too (Siobhan Finneran). The cold-hearted maid who somehow wormed her way into heart announced that she too would not be returning for another season. She gave some kind of inane statement about how it was fun while it lasted, but she wasn't have fun anymore. As if spending weeks on end pretending to be a British servant in the 1920s wouldn't be a blast every day. I do it every day for free. And my co-worker is like, ” please stop serving me my lunch on a platter, it's making everyone uncomfortable” and I'm like, “tis my duty ma'am. I was born into this life. Just servin' and bloggin'.”

Rob James-Collier, who plays O'Brien's BFF Thomas, recently spoke to TV Guide about her departure and said that she's replaceable, but also irreplaceable. It's a grey area when it comes to her replaceabilty.

“the doors are open for her return,” says James-Collier. “Fans won’t be disappointed next season,” he promises. I’m pretty sure Thomas will find someone else to fall in line with him and start sniping. But no one could replace O’Brien. Never!”

While I find it hard to believe they could ever find someone with curls as wonderful as O'Brien, I do suppose they'll find Thomas a new friend to help him ruin other people's lives.   I just hope the season four cast decides to stick around for awhile. My heart can't handle much more of this “actually I'm done with this show now, so find a way to kill me off that rips out people's hearts” news. To be honest, I'm surprised O'Brien didn't give birth before leaving, since that does seem to be the Downton way to go.

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